Resumen de la clase 3/29/17


El profesor siguió discutiendo sobre cómo hacer presentaciones en Power Point. Aprendimos como hacer una presentación interactiva; incluyendo transiciones, efectos animados y botones interactivos.

Efecto de animación:

  1. selecciona el “text box” que quieres animar
  2. vaya al menú de animaciones
  3. escoja la animación que desee
    • puedes escoger la duración y cuando haga la animación en la última columna del menú.


  1. Vaya al menú de transición (Transitions)
  2. escoja la transición que desee
    • si se la quieres aplicársela a todas las plantillas vaya a la última columna donde dice “Apply to all”


  1. Vaya al menú de insert
  2. Vaya a shapes, en la última línea donde dice Action Button
    • para entrar un web link vaya al botón que dice custom
    • hyperlink y escribe el URL

[Video: PowerPoint 2013: Animación and Transitions BY: SkillPathSeminars]

Proyecto Final: 

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Story and Cinematography: The Ring

Image result for the ring

Let’s talk about my favorite movie ever: The Ring. If you don’t know what The Ring is then it’s an older horror movie who does everything a horror movie is suppose to do. Before I get on the subject of the movie I want to talk about the horror genre and why people think is a bad genre and say that horror movies aren’t “scary”. Now, some people actually get sacred of horror movies, but I’m talking about the people who trash talk about the genre. They say that they watch it so they can have a laugh or just to see how bad it is. To be frank, I actually agree with them on some levels, nowadays horror movies don’t have a lore it just has jump scares and really loud music that just get louder building up the tension towards nothing. However, the reason I love horror movies so much is because of the hard work that goes into making an actual horror movie. And The Ring takes the cake. The Ring captures everything that the genre wanted and presents it perfectly; from the tension in the right places to the lore of the story.

Image result for the ring

The movie begins with two girls talking about a mysterious tape that kills anyone who watches it. The girls play it off  as a joke and go on with their sleepover. As the story progresses we notice that the tape’s mystery is real and the person who watches it actually dies after receiving a call that simply said “7 days”. Our protagonist wants to get the ultimate story and being a journalist gives her the skills to discover the truth behind the tape. She and her partner go and investigate this horror story and they find out that the video tape leads to a girl with a dark past. The girl called Samara had a suppose urge to kill and their parents didn’t want her so they looked her up and kept her monitored. Her parents notice she wasn’t sleeping and just stood their. Her mother ended up throwing her into a well and closed it off so she wouldn’t escape. Why does the phone call say “7 days”? because that how long it takes for someone who has been thrown in a well to die.

Image result for the ring gif

Throughout the entire story the atmosphere is gloomy and a bit dark, but that’s to be expected because of the horror element. The video tape shows graphic and disturbing scenes to not only the actor, but to the audience as well. The characters are well presented and they each take their roles seriously, acting out their parts to the best of their abilities. The touch of the child (the son of the protagonist)  being an important character is to add a sense of innocence and making him watch the video and seeing that a child like him can be hunted just makes the audience more tense, because they don’t want to the kid to die. Everything was well thought out; from the music leading up to actual lore to the horror element being presented in way where they leave you traumatized and not make you scream just because a clown appeared out of nowhere for no reason. And the iconic scene of the girl exiting through the television proofs this.

The movie The Ring will scare you, not by throwing jump scares at you or by making scream, but by showing you lore that will make your hairs stand on end. If you enjoy a good horror movie then The Ring is a must watch, no doubt. everything about it is a master piece and everything detail leads to lore and story.

PPT: La raíz de problemas de alimentación en Puerto Rico

La presentación presentada abajo habla sobre los problemas de la alimentación en Puerto Rico. Es una presentación más visual ya que contiene poco dialecto y más fotos. Es basado en una monografía escrita el 30 de noviembre de 2016, hablando sobre el mismo tema. Explica como Puerto Rico tiene un grave problema de la alimentación y que estos problemas han nacido debido a la falta de una buena base educativa; es decir la sociedad puertorriqueña ha estado marginada del acceso a una buena alimentación debido a factores como la falta de educación, el poco ingreso y el pobre poder adquisitivo de alimentos saludables.

Virtual Reality

As time passes our technology becomes more advanced and modern. Some people may see this as a burden since it can be difficult to adapt to such changes. However, others expect these alterations to be both helpful and useful. The idea of creating a virtual reality is to replace your reality with a digital one, tricking your brain into thinking that that’s your reality. Virtual reality originally was used to train new pilots in simulation of actually piloting a plane. Nowadays anyone can own a headset to transport themselves into a new and digital world. Virtual reality is made in a 3 dimensional way leaving the user with a feeling of realness. The technology consists of a headset that covers all the area of your sight so the person will be fully submerged in the visuals. Each one has sensors that follow the person’s body movements and it translates into the game, letting the person control it without controllers. In the other hand, augmented reality doesn’t reach another dimension or imaginary world, it is true to the current world but just adding a few digital elements. Used for games of for other daily uses like maps, viewing furniture in a space or bringing an object to life, augmented reality focuses on the use of the space around us and providing a view of how would something look like in certain place in our reality.

[video: Virtual Reality: Explained by Marques Brownlee]

The path to making the perfect virtual reality device can be taken back to the late 1800’s when people wanted to learn how to do 360-degree murals. When cameras started appearing, in the 1800, Charles Wheaton’s research showed that the brain processes the different two-dimensional image from each eye into a single object of 3 dimension. So, in order for a person to view and image with more depth they needed a stereoscopic image. A stereoscope is a device by which two photographs of the same object are taken at slightly different angles so when they are viewed together they give the image more depth and solidity. This method is the one still used today. In 1910, Morton Heiligs invented the Telesphere Mask which was the first example of a head mounted display, but was not interactive and without any motion tracking. In 1961, Philico Corporation engineers develop the first head-mounted device (HMD) that allowed magnetic motion tracking, which was linked to a close circuit camera, and a video screen for each eye. This is the model we still use today. Its initial use wasn’t for VR, but for military purposes; they would present a remote viewing of a dangerous scenario to their soldier. In 1965, Ivan Sutherland created the idea of VR, which he called “Ultimate Display”. He stated that he would create virtual world that would seem realistic through augmented 3D sound and tactile feedback. It would be hooked to a computer to create the virtual world through software and it will be able to process real time interactions. In 1969, Myron Kruegere developed computer generated environment which he called “Artificial Reality”. The environment was able to react with the people inside of it.

Technology is constantly shaping our lifestyles. This can be seen by the use of specific hardware such as virtual reality and augmented reality. Virtual reality is software that has been created to immerse an individual in an artificially created world. This can be done by altering what that person sees and hears. There are several ways that this can be done. The more complicated method involves using rooms that have portable computers, many screens, and special haptic devices that allow you to feel what you are seeing. The simpler version is achieved by using a computer, keyboard, and mouse. All of them can be used to change directions as well as get close or far from whatever may be surrounding you in this virtual world. Furthermore, the user has the option of control the virtual scenarios by deciding objectives and altering their surroundings with the Virtual Reality Modeling Language (VRML). Augmented reality uses another concept. Instead of creating a fake world it joins both digital data as well as your surroundings. In doing so, there is no need to create an entirely new artificial scenario.

3Dhead Virtual Reality Headset

[picture: 3Dhead Virtual Reality headset by Maurizo Pesce. licence CC]

Augmented reality as well as Virtual Reality also has its uses. This device is often used by industries that work on marketing, and safety of the general public. One of the most well-known VR inventions is the smart glass. They are high definition glasses that incorporate a display with whatever may be surrounding you. A well-known smart glasses model is the CastAR. This particular pair of glasses allows you scan your environment as well as adjust to your surroundings. Furthermore, you also have the ability to move objects around in this world and can even play AR games. The Oculus Rift has also been created to give gamers a different experience when playing. This device is a headset that helps a person to move around freely while also playing a video game. In order to use it, however, you need a powerful computer. Moreover, AR can also be used to show people demos and teach them how to do certain tasks. One demo was actually created by Inglobe Technologies with the intention of potentially giving their customers more insight on how to change their filters and verify their car’s fluid levels.

These tools can be used for multiple purposes. Virtual reality can be used to create the story and environment of a video game. This task can be performed, for example, by the Oculus VR. Moreover, it may also function as a training program in order to inform others.  In order to generate more awareness, the UK National Autistic Society made a film with the purpose of informing the general public about autism. Virtual reality also has the potential to educate children in schools. As a matter of fact, in 2015 Google invented a program called Expeditions that can take children to a virtual trip to Mars. This was used by selected schools and the great majority liked and approved of this innovative technology. Additionally, medical students have used VR to gain knowledge about medical procedures. This has also been used by doctors do surgeries on patients. The first ever VR surgery occurred in April 2016. Certain phobias, such as arachnophobia, have been treated by using virtual reality as well. The same kind of technology can be used to treat soldiers that suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder.

[video: New Technology for the Blood Service by redcrossbloodau. An example of AR in the field of medicine]

It wasn’t until 1987 when the term “Virtual Reality” was created by Jaron Lanier, the founder of Visual Programming Lab. He created the gear for VR: The EyePhone $9,400-$49,000 and  DataGlove $9,000. After this went into the market video game companies started developing this devices for their customers. 1991 Virtual Group Arcade Machines, 1993 SEGA VR, 1995 Nintendo Virtual Boy. There are many uses for virtual reality like: education, filmmaking, journalism, tourism, etc. But the main use for VR is gaming. Nowadays there are many companies that have made their own VR device, but these are the main competitors: The Oculus Rift, it kick-started the newest generation of VR and many companies are competing against it. It launch in early 2016, it must be connected to a computer, at a price range of $599. Some of its game include Chronos an RPG, Minecraft a building and exploration open-world concept, Elite: Dangerous an interactive space game, Keep Talking and Nobody Explode a fun multiplayer experience to defuse a bomb. Next is the HTC Vive, the most expensive and complicated system on the market right now, but once you set it up you have the ability to walk and interact with the world around you. It’s a partnership between Taiwanese Tech and Valve, price range of $799 it’s the direct rival to the Oculus Rift and requires a powerful computer, it has both VR and AR, a hand worn Gestural controllers and a base station that tracks your movements. Some games are Job simulator, which, as the name implies, simulates jobs, TheBlu a visual ocean experience, Tilt Paint which you can paint in the air around you. There is the Sony PlayStation VR that hooks up to your PlayStation 4 with you PS controller and Dual Shock 4. It is the first console connected VR headset, with a price range of $399 it’s the most affordable high end model. Some games are Tumble VR a puzzle game, Batman: Arkham VR crime-solving strategy game, Thumper a racing game, PlayStation VR worlds a mini-game to show off the Sony VR tech. There’s also the Samsung Gear VR, which uses your smartphone (only compatible with Samsung S6, S7 or Galaxy Note 7) as the screen and processor. It price is $100 and it has a variety of apps like Land’s End an eerie exploration game, smash hit a puzzle game, Gunjack a sci-fi shooter.

[video: Oculus Rift Explained and Virtual Reality Game Demos by sfbayimages]

Virtual Reality tries to create an environment with software and presents it to the viewer in such a way that they believes it as real and it does it almost perfectly. This experience is mostly perceived by two of the five senses: vision and sound, but touch can be added through haptic devices. Sometimes, you can even interact with the environment with the help of computers and controllers, but there are even more sophisticated efforts of interacting that involve a wrap-around display screens with actual room augmented reality and wearable devices. VR has a wide variety of uses that help the user do and experience different environment and tasks. The most common use for VR is gaming and there are many companies jumping to make the best headset device to please its consumers. The Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Sony PlayStation VR, Samsung Gear VR, among others; all of this are game related, but have other apps that let you sit down and relax. However, gaming isn’t the use for VR. Virtual reality is also used in the medical field to heighten traditional therapy methods and find effective solutions for treatment of PTSD, anxiety and social disorders. Businesses are also benefit from VR. Car-makers are creating safer vehicles, architects are constructing stronger buildings and travel agencies are using VR to simplify vacation planning. When you have the ability to enter a world where you can create anything you want and can interact with it, from entertainment to medicine, the possibilities are endless.


Accounts related to Virtual Reality

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Moonlight: Story and Cinematography

Moonlight 2016

Let’s talk a little about one of the newest movies “Moonlight”. The movie is about the life of Chiron, a young black man growing up in Miami. He has many downfalls and goes through bullying and doesn’t exactly have a good childhood, but his journey to manhood is told by three chapters of his life: when he’s a kid, when he’s in high school and when he is all grown up. His path is guided by the kindness, support and love of those around him, even though they don’t quite show it. The film was release on October 21, 2016, directed by Barry Jenkins, had a box office of 42.7 million and won the Golden Globe Award for Best Motion Picture. The movie presents a beautiful story no doubt, and it definitely deserved the Award for best picture, but I want to talk about why didn’t exactly liked it.

The movie starts of like any Drama… slow, but this movie remains slow. we are presented the usual scenarios of the kid being bullied for his sexual interest and he can’t exactly go anywhere, because his mother does other thing Chiron isn’t interested in. The first scene we see is a well crafted shot of the Juan’s ( Mahershala Ali) car pulling into the side of the street, where he meets up with a junkie he sells drugs to. Here we are introduced to the protagonist Chiron (Ashton Sanders) running away from other school kids. The movie continues to play out and we are presented the main problems: the mother doing drugs, Juan dies, Chiron experiments with his friend about his Sexual interest. It presents Character that don’t add anything to the plot and the creators of the film clearly don’t know the term chekov’s gun, because it presents things to us that we believe hold meaning, but tell no actual story. And it all continues to be told in this beautiful wide screen with very neon dark colors, with smooths camera cuts. The movie, visually, is indeed very appealing, but it lacks completion. As we approach the ending of the film we see that non of the problem have been resolved, but even more are showing up. The mother is still doing drugs and is shown no signs that she will stop, Chiron is left alone with no friend and boy/girlfriend and he also become a drug dealer. His friend I mention earlier did indeed move on and found a wife and family, but he was the one Chiron fell in love with. Now, I get this is suppose to be a sad ending, saying that love is hard and life doesn’t go the way you planned, but it just doesn’t feel like anything truly happened. Nothing gets resolved. Not to mention it had a weird ending, because we see both friends sitting together hugging and it cuts to credits, but it feels like nothing got accomplished.

Moonlight is one of those movies that I will probably never see again and wouldn’t give a high score. It definitely takes the cake for visual aspects, but it lacks story completion and character development. It’s a good movie to watch to pass the time, but not one I would highly recommend. However, I do believe that the movie deserved all its praised, because the creators did take their time doing the movie. I still believe this movie isn’t for everyone not only because it’s not for a younger audience, but because it’s slow and not everyone is going to sit through the 1:40 minutes of the movie. source

What do we think about the Internet?

The internet is defined, by the MIT Technology Review, as the decisive technology of the Information Age. The internet was first created for the means of war, but nowadays human kind is almost entirely connect to technology. At this point everyone who owns a phone will tell you they probably can’t live without them and would have a heart attack if they left or lost it somewhere. There is much debate on the topic whether or not the Internet is good or bad. This, however, is a relative matter that everyone will have their own opinion; young people will tell you that it is good, because it makes things easier and more fun, while older people will tell you that it is ruining the next generation by making them lazier and superficial. Like everything else on this Earth their are two sides to the coin. the Internet brings many good things to the tables, but it also has its dark side and sometimes it’s quite difficult to see the difference.

The good side of the internet is simple: it provides useful information about any topic, social media keeps you up to date on the latest news, it keeps you in touch with family members and/or friends from across the world. Social relations are being constructed on the basis of individual interest and values. With the help of social media, we no longer have to rely on official news sources for updates on current events, because apps like Twitter are replacing those news sources. It helps keep in touch with expanded network at top-level, while making the efforts to engage with closer network face-to-face. Social media like Facebook or Instagram provide a useful way to keep in touch with our friends and family from across the world in an instant. This is similar to what Email can do, which you can send a written text, picture or video to anyone across the world in only seconds and they can respond back in an instant. Google or Bing can provide a useful tool for researching; they can help everyone nowadays find information about any topic in mere seconds. Anyone can start up a business online easily or simply sell their items through Ebay or Amazon to make easy money.  You can buy anything through the Web like cars, books, clothes, pets, etc.

However, like I said earlier, everything that has a good side must also have a dark side and the internet is no exception. We can see the latest news on twitter and other social medias, but that information isn’t necessarily true. It’s becoming extremely difficult to conclude whether a news source is actually trustworthy, because fake news these days make it look like it’s real. There’s also a problem with click-bait, which is when the headline on a news article looks extremely interesting, but the article it self is nothing of what the headline promised. Don’t take everything you see too seriously, because it may look like a trustworthy site, but the information that it contains isn’t true. People may also lie about who they truly are on the internet, this is called cat-fishing, where someone acts like another person to make the victim give them money or sensitive information. This is extremely dangerous, especially if you go and meet the person face-to-face.

More than one billion people on Earth has access to the Internet and the majority of those people are completely addicted; and when I say addicted I mean completely taken over. Those people can’t go a minute without checking their phone and they feel empty and lost without it. Not only that, but human nowadays can’t think on their own and always consult Google to check if their answers are correct; by doing this process we stop thinking for our-self. “The Internet is making us more superficial as thinkers” said Nicholas Carr explaining that we are living inside our phones and not thinking clearly. We have something called “Memory Consolation” which is the ability to transfer new, acquired information from short-term memory to long-term memory, which allows us to become smarter on that specific topic; and that same ability is also helpful for connecting other information to our old information and keep on learning. Nicholas Carr is saying that we are losing that ability, because when we don’t know something we just look it up and and forget about it that same instant. We are so sure that this information will always be on Google so why bother actually learning it? Well, by learning new things is how you make connections through those memories of everything you know.

Attention is key. As long as we are using our phones and electronic moderately and we pay attention and actually learn new things through memory consolation then I think we are going to be fine. The internet was a huge BOOM with society and many don’t agree with it, but whether you like it or not it is the future and we are going to have to learn to live with it. I believe it is a good thing to have everyone learn about the internet and learn how to use it, because it can be quite helpful. It has its good things and bad things, but we just have to learn the difference. It is important to have a good balance between time using our phone and time interacting between other people. It is also important that we learn things without the help of Google and actually read about the topic to deepen our knowledge.

Cinematography: Million Dollar Baby

Million Dollar Baby is a beautiful movie that captures the audience attention from beginning to finish, but the true magic happens behind the eye of the camera. This being a sad and powerful film the light shading is very important; the shades are all dark tones to set the perfect mood the story. You can see the change in lighting when progressing through the movie: at the beginning of the film the lighting is fairly dark, but as the story continues the mood becomes even darker and you can feel something bad is going to happen. Million Dollar Baby is bathe in cold and dark colors, even the characters are bathe in shadows, always coming in and out of shadows.

mdb inf

When Maggie’s, our protagonist’s, neck is broken and she is reduce to a hospitalized state, paralyze from the neck down, the darkness creeps in even more. Especially for Frankie, who is guilt ridden over pushing Maggie this far even if Maggie, herself, asks to be pushed forward. He literally becomes isolated in his world and this culminates in a moment of devastating beauty. In the final moments of the movie we get this shot of Frankie walking down the hall, which is a dim lit hallway, making his way towards Maggie’s room. At this point Maggie had already asked Frankie to put her out of her misery and he is distraught, but knows that she has lived her dream and she can never box again. When he enters the room we get a close shot of Frankie whispering to Maggie the steps he will do to preform the euthanasia, this shot is completely dark and you can feel the actors emotions of despair and sorrow. As soon as that scene ends, Frankie once again appears walking down the same unlit hallway “without his soul..”

mdb inf2

This film very well portrays the feelings of success with the feeling of failures and its all done through mise-en-scene, with the light, the props, the setting, etc etc. this movie deserves all the praise it received and anyone who has the opportunity to watch it should definitely watch it, because it has small details that make all the difference and is worth the watch.

mdb gif inf

ENCUENTRO con Máximo Rafael Colón


Sobre la Exposición


Se presentan varios temas en estas obras, entre ellos: Devocionales, Música, Política, El mundo ante mis ojos, Vida, Autorretratos. La instalación de Devocionales es de clara referencia a la cristiandad. Las tres obras con los objetos encontrados, el artista se apropia de la iconografía religiosa  para expresar sentimientos  religiosos. La música es muy obviamente, una expresión a una de sus pasiones. Su afinidad por ella lo llevo a documentar importantes artistas, como Rubén Blades, tito Puente, entre otros, en distintos clubes nocturnos de Nueva York. La Política son imágenes que presentan personas que han abogado por distintas causas sociales y políticas. El mundo ante mis ojos es la búsqueda de la aventura y el conocimiento de otras culturas. La colección de Vida es la más que me gusto ya que era sobre el amor materno y paterno donde el artista lo demostraba a través de abrazos que los padres le dan a sus hijos, ya sean pequeños o grandes. Autorretratos el artista apareces a los 28 años y en la actualidad.

maximo 2

La galería de arte en sagrado

la exposición en la Galería de Arte en Sagrado consta de 62 fotografías en blanco y negro, impresas en gelatina de plata y tres devocionales realizados con materiales descartados u objetos encontrados, por el fotógrafo Máximo Rafael Colon. El trabajo fotográfico del artista se distingue por ser fotografía de carácter documental.

“Ha sido mi anhelo y sueno dar a conocer mi trabajo e la tierra que me vio nacer, la patria mía, Puerto Rico. Las fotos hablan de la comunidad que compartimos, de las luchas que hemos llevado para sobrevivencia y la justicia social por nuestras familias y para la educación de nuestros hijos… en ellas los rostros de las personas están llenos de las historias en que sin palabras nos dicen de sus resistencia y tristeza.”

maximo 1

Sobre el artista

El fotógrafo Máximo Rafael Colón estudio en la Escuela de Artes Visuales en Nueva York. Su medio primario es la fotografía análoga, pero Colon también crea conjuntos en la tradición de los objetos encontrados. Sus obras han sido expuestas en diversos lugares de Nueva York y Puerto Rico. Algunas de sus obras hacen parte del Centro de Estudios Puertorriqueños en el CUNY Hunter College y de la colección permanente de la National Portrait Gallery de la Smithsonian Institution en Washington D.C. Colon pertenece a la segundo ola de emigrantes a los Estados Unidos.

maximo 3


Bibliography – The Internet’s Impact


[photo: Internet by Beshef. Licence CC]

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Million Dollar Baby

Image result for million dollar baby

[photo: Poster Million Dollar Baby by Let There be Movies. Lincese CC]

The movie Million Dollar Baby is about this young girl, named Maggie Fitzgerald, who wanted to become a boxer. She started training on her own and later escalated to an actual gym, but they only trained males and the coach, Frankie Dunn, wouldn’t accept her as a trainee. She wasn’t fazed by this and continued to practice even if the coach didn’t want to acknowledge her. Frankie kept telling her to go home, because it was too late for her to start training at her 30’s, but she wouldn’t listen and kept on training. Unfortunately, Frankie’s star boxer, Big Willy, quits right before a match, because Frankie was scared to put him in a dangerous fight and Big Willy realizes he wasn’t going to get anywhere with Frankie as his coach. At this point, Frankie is left with no one to train and because Maggie was a girl and he didn’t want to train her. However, after some time passes Frankie warms up to the idea of training Maggie and decides to help her out. After a while, he eventually takes her as his main boxer and she raises through the ranks without any problems. She keeps insisting to fight a world champion to see her actual strength and Frankie hesitates before accepting the match. When the match begins its pretty tight, but Maggie pulls the upper hand and knocks the other girl down, Billie ‘The Blue Bear’ got mad that she had lost and knocks Maggie down, she hits her head on the chair and gets knockout. She wakes up in a hospital days later to find out she will never walk or move again. Maggie is heartbroken and is left with no one but her coach. After a while of being in the hospital she gets tired, she starts to believe that she is a burden to Frankie and asks her coach to put her out of her misery. Frankie disagrees and says he would never do that, but after some insisting he eventually does.

[Video: Million Dollar Baby Behind the Scenes Frankie and Maggie by Imm1010]

Let’s Talk About the Actors

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